China versus the US: Who Will Prevail?

China vs The US

5th e-Lecture by Venezuelan Scholar and Diplomat, Alfredo Toro Hardy on his latest book, “China versus the US: Who Will Prevail?”

Ambassador Hardy started the discussion about his book with two main questions: Did China challenge the United States too hard and too soon, and by doing so, seriously jeopardized its chance of achieving its objective? Can Washington still contain china’s ascendancy and retain its current leading status? 

Hardy talked about how China keeps trying to be a key player in innovation, science, and technology in order to establish itself as a dominant power. China keeps trying to expand its territory and claims 90% of the South China sea China based on a modified map. China is using a strategy to expand its power even in African countries. And what China is doing by expressing national power in international politics provoked the United States. Based on China’s calculation, it feels it has enough capacity to accommodate such an International political atmosphere.

Hardy explained how his book tries to ascertain whether it’s soon for China or it’s already too late for the US to respond to China’s ascendancy, and also whether the US can retain its current leading status. He took the opportunity to talk about six key types of attitudes shown by both China and the US. These attitudes are convergence attitude, mistake-avoidance attitude, universalistic power attitude, military strategy attitude, economic attitude, and technological attitude. Both China and the US have an urge for power in managing affairs internally, they express a strong interest in international politics, relations, allies, enemies, geostrategic expansion, technological and economic dominance. Both of them show a worrying picture of power in trying to show an excessive dominance to various regions.

In the process of answering a fundamental question: is it too early for China? Is it too late for the US? Hardy offered a considerable view of both. China is playing strongly to catch up economically and has a slight potential to change history. While the US is still in the juncture of war-weariness both politically and economically. But neither China nor the US will accept the second position easily, each one of them is trying to hold a dominant power as they move towards confrontation. Their excessive need for power can be a new genesis of the global conflict of power between China and the US as well as their respective allies.

One of the panelists asked a question about American defense expenditure which is higher than that of China. And is it china trying to dominate the world or only Asia. The speaker replied by stating that the US was the best in ideological terms which helped the country to express power physically and helped establish its dominance through its being a symbol of democracy, but their competition now is much more in the terms of efficiency, based on the Covid-19 response, we have witnessed how America failed to use its resources to control the quagmire. Therefore, with regards to the current situation, we can’t underestimate China over the US as their competition is based on efficient ideology. 

The second panelist also asked a question that some chapters of the book seemed to describe the US to be on a losing side. So how can the writer see China’s politics in the future as they are not happy with the Trump administration? Hardy responded that his book emphasizes the six mentioned attitudes do not take any country as losing or winning side. Conclusively, about considering the US election and coming to the Biden administration that nothing much will change, because it’s based on a scenario that the US feels challenged about its global leadership. Even though some of Trump’s policies will be fade away and the Biden administration will have much more consistent policies in the United States.

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