We are an Indian research scholar community that provides a platform that connects young researchers with experts from Humanities and Social Sciences. It is a space where we discuss/ dialogue/ debate on theory/methodology/process of research and current trends. It is an initiative by young Indian researchers to bridge the gap between theory and practices of scientific research.

You Can Help By

Sending Us New Ideas

Send us your research findings and share your research ideas with the Indian Research Community cutting across disciplines by breaking the traditional borders of Location and Hierarchy.

Providing Suggestions

You can suggest new Ideas that need Discussion and Dialogue; Experts that we all need to hear and learn from; Books on theory that need debate and Feedback on our efforts.

Becoming a Member

We invite you to join our Association by becoming a member of our What’s App and Telegram Group. You could also follow our page on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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The mind of the scholar, if he would leave it large and liberal, should come in contact with other minds.

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